TS Internet Fuck

Apr 5, 2013 by

Your Web Cam will get you Punished: Nothing is Free Morgan hooks up with an internet fuck buddy only to discover he is secretly filming their sex date. Oh no, now you love or hate to be this guy who is going to be on the receiving end of Morgan’s thick, angry cock. She plows him into oblivion and reminds him that being a sneaky dick head is never a good idea. Then again, then both cum everywhere so maybe it was worth getting caught after all…. Go to TS Seduction...

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Interracial Tranny Sex

Apr 1, 2013 by

Sleep Over Cock:Natassia Dreams Surprise Gia Di Marco at a Girls Party Braiding each other’s hair leads to comparing breast sizes which leads to Natassia showing Gia her hard cock. The giggle stops and the two girls start to really explore their bodies. Gia has a nice little surprise of her own – she squirts! In a great orgasm burst, Gia covers Natassia’s cock in cum. The secret of the girls’ only pj party is revealed in this steamy update. Natassia and Gia clearly want in each other’s tiny pajama bottoms well before they give into their desires to do so. Go to TS Pussy Hunters...

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Vaniity Returns: Intense Pussy Fucking that ends in Squirting...

Mar 14, 2013 by

Vaniity Returns: Intense Pussy Fucking that ends in Squirting They may very well be married by now – Vaniity and Lia Lor. Their steamy foreplay leads to all out carnal sex with Lia squirting all over Vaniity’s throbbing cock. Vaniity is know for her beauty and her trademark sensational fucking style that leaves no orgasm behind – especially her own. She fucks like a gold star stallion in this electric update with Lia Lor who clearly has a real live crush on Vaniity. The two nearly ask each other in the end interview! Go to TS Pussy Hunters...

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Tranny Sex Machine

Mar 3, 2013 by

Natassia is a sex machine that has no off switch. She is a tireless Dom and most people can not keep up with her pounding. Today is no different – Rocky a member and fan requested to work with Natassia. He put his ass out for her and now he is seated in the slave position and taking a fucking at speeds and depths he is not ready to take. What does Rocky do? He does the right thing – he hides his face, grits through the pain and drops a massive load as a hard earned release. And what does Natassia do? Anything she damn well wants. Go to TS Seduction...

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Ethnic Tranny Sex

Mar 1, 2013 by

Available now at TS Pussy Hunters: Bad Teacher, Good Porn: Ts Foxxy Initiates her Classmate Into Sex Work Ts Foxxy makes being bad look innocent and being innocent look nasty. She slyly seduces her classmate, Aleska, during detention. Foxxy reveals that she has made porn and when Aleska gets excited by the idea, Foxxy pounces and starts taking her head shots for her model profile. Only it doesn’t stop with head shots, soon the clever Ms Foxxy has Aleska’s tits out and her ass in the air. It is obvious that Foxxy is not going to stop until she fucks Aleska’s pussy with her cock and Aleska is definitely down to cum all over their teacher’s desk. Somehow, ever so conveniently the two finish fucking and are dressed right before the teacher comes back...

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