TS Bondage Sex

Nov 1, 2012 by

Bonnie Day looks like she was drawn by a Victorian artist – milky skin, doe eyes, ringlets and a nice tight body – a picture Joanna Jet can not resist. Joanna’s ever hard cock penetrates Bonnie’s mouth, ass and pussy. She fucks her until Bonnie flushes with intense orgasms hives and screams out in release. Joanna’s cum shot at the end says it all – a massive load from a day worth of hot, bondage fucking. Go to TS Pussy Hunters...

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TS Lovers

Oct 1, 2012 by

Foxxy is dirty and knows how to get into girls pants. She’s quick and innocent until she is spitting on her cock and ramming it into a tight pussy. Bella Rossi is no stranger to prey and predator, she has been both and today the girls light it up with a great back and forth of sexual dominance. Foxxy shoves her cock anywhere Bella has a curve – the arch of her feet, the tuck of her knee, between her ass cheeks and up her pussy. Go to TS Pussy Hunters...

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Sci-Fi Tranny SEX

Aug 14, 2012 by

Energize a Penis onto Her Beautiful Latex Covered Crotch: Sci-Fi SEX Everyone loves a road trip until it takes 500 million light years to get somewhere. “Are we there yet?” doesn’t even make sense to ask. To pass the intergalactic time, Venus and Caprice study Earth’s culture in hopes to understand the species before they crash land on their tiny planet. Girls with cocks? Bondage and fuckingmachines? Earthlings are kinkier than these two expected. Their sexual practices are curious and arousing to the two hot latex aliens, and so to pass the light years, Venus takes charge of Caprice and fucks her pussy with her cock. Go to TS Pussy Hunters...

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Tranny Pussy

Jul 4, 2012 by

Jacqueline Woods makes her debut TsPussyHunters.com shoot with another fresh face model, Nikki Darling. This will not happen on your tour. OR will it? Tour guide, Jackie Woods, trains a new recruit on the epic and compelling history of the Kink Armory. Jackie is preparing Nikki to lead the weekly tours given here of all floors from the dark dungeons to the Edwardian top floor. The does not include sex, but Nikki doesn’t know that and Jackie sure isn’t going to be the one to tell her. Instead Jackie seduces Nikki and soon has her bound and spread, licking her pussy and making her cum. Nikki doesn’t put up a fight, she just strains against her ropes and has a hard orgasm. While she’s cumming Jackie pulls out her hard, long cock and slips...

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