TS Hardcore Sex

Apr 14, 2013 by

Spying Hostel Roommate gets his Ass fucked by Her Hard Cock! Backpacking is exhilarating, scary and tiring and full of surprise. When you get a room at a hostel, there is no telling what can happen or who you will meet. He’s been secretly filming her on his little pocket camera and when she discovers this instead of busing him, she has her own pay back plan in mind. The devilishly sexy Annalise Rose tricks her room mate into letting her tie him up, convincing him to just let her have some fun. And when his nerves rise more than his cock, Annalise asks if he is having trouble getting hard because she is not. Off comes her dress and out comes her hard cock and now all Howard can do is hope she...

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Asian Tranny Sex

Apr 11, 2013 by

TS Venus and her Giant Cum Load – Seducing Her Body Guard Venus is a man eater! She devours her body guard in this electric scene so full of sexual tension and chemistry it’s like watching wolves eat prey! They rip each other’s clothes off and Venus slurps down Alex’s thick cock until he nearly explodes in her mouth. Not yet, oh, no, not yet. She has other plans – revealing her hard dick he stares in awe and fear. TransTube Xvideos has all the best tranny and shemale films you crave for an afternoon of fun. Chicks with dicks and hardcore shemale sex all evening long! She wants his mouth and ass and Venus gets exactly what she wants. She tops him milking a nice load from him while he rides her cock...

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Tranny Blowjob Nurse

Apr 9, 2013 by

The Nurse is in Your Ass with Her Cock Sunshyne Monroe returns to TsSeduction.com to be the ultimate fantasy for massive body builder, Marcus. The big man is pinned to the bed by Sunshyne’s cock in this medical themed update where Sunshyne gives more than a needle and takes more than a sample. Looking better than ever and eager to pound, Sunshyne nails her man who is 3 times her size, milking his cock and cumming on his face! She taunts him that he’s so big and strong yet he can not move away from her cock that pierces his hole. The pleasure is too great and Sunshyne’s will to fuck him too strong. Go to TS Seduction...

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Tranny Sex Machine

Mar 3, 2013 by

Natassia is a sex machine that has no off switch. She is a tireless Dom and most people can not keep up with her pounding. Today is no different – Rocky a member and fan requested to work with Natassia. He put his ass out for her and now he is seated in the slave position and taking a fucking at speeds and depths he is not ready to take. What does Rocky do? He does the right thing – he hides his face, grits through the pain and drops a massive load as a hard earned release. And what does Natassia do? Anything she damn well wants. Go to TS Seduction...

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Ethnic Tranny Sex

Mar 1, 2013 by

Available now at TS Pussy Hunters: Bad Teacher, Good Porn: Ts Foxxy Initiates her Classmate Into Sex Work Ts Foxxy makes being bad look innocent and being innocent look nasty. She slyly seduces her classmate, Aleska, during detention. Foxxy reveals that she has made porn and when Aleska gets excited by the idea, Foxxy pounces and starts taking her head shots for her model profile. Only it doesn’t stop with head shots, soon the clever Ms Foxxy has Aleska’s tits out and her ass in the air. It is obvious that Foxxy is not going to stop until she fucks Aleska’s pussy with her cock and Aleska is definitely down to cum all over their teacher’s desk. Somehow, ever so conveniently the two finish fucking and are dressed right before the teacher comes back...

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Deep Tranny Fucking

Sep 1, 2012 by

Stop Lying and Just Pull Your Panties to the Side for Her Cock Jessica Fox pops Tracey Sweet’s porn cherry in this first ever shoot for the sexy blonde newcomer. Tracey looks like the girl next door who gives the best head. In this doctor/patient role play, Tracey tries to convince her therapist played by Jessica Fox, to give her a prescription for her ADHD. Jessica isn’t buying the bullshit lies that are coming out of Tracey’s mouth. Instead she would rather stuff her cock in her tight little pussy and watch her cum. Abusing her authority she lifts up Jessica’s uniform skirt, pulls her cotton panties to the side, and slides her hard dick into Tracey’s wet, exposed, glistening, slit. She fucks her in bondage and uses her hair as a reins as...

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